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Cardphile Holiday Cards - A True Customer Tale

Business Holiday Cards for Architects

Richard, a Cardphile customer since 1994, called up a few days ago to order his business holiday cards for 2013, and shared a great story with us.

Architecture Christmas cards - Cardphile makes them yours!


Picky, picky, picky... That's what you architects are. But at Cardphile, we don't mind, because we are too!

And we do love designing Christmas cards for architects - after all, that's where we started way back in 1989 (with the first six cards).

Some of you say "that card is perfect just the way it is".  And we're pretty happy when that happens.

Others, and you know who you are, say "Could you move that...

AEC Marketing with SMPS, Build Business and Cardphile

SMPS Build Business Conference AEC Marketing

Simply put, the annual SMPS Build Business Conference is a must for today’s AEC marketing professional—and it’s not too late to register to attend this year’s SMPS conference in Chicago, August 24 to 26, 2011.

New Design: Hipster Holiday Greeting Cards for Architects

Holiday Card for Architects

Have a look in Cardphile's New Arrivals section and you'll find one of our new architectural holiday cards - "Retro Metro Perspective Order!" (AEC 3019). Actually, you don't even have to be in the architectural profession to have fun sending out this holiday greeting card for your business - you just have to be a little adventurous.

Cardphile Trades Engineering Holiday Cards for Structural Review

Business Note Cards Stock Shelves

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan got us to thinking. First of all, if you haven't hugged your structural engineer lately, you should probably do that now. While their jobs aren't the most glamorous, their work in Japan, along with some pretty stringent building codes, clearly saved many lives. And since Cardphile's holiday greeting card design and printing facility in Portland shares a similar earthquake risk zone, we took some notes and decided it was time to take a good look at our warehouse.

Oops - The Real Link to our Holiday Card Design Center!

Holiday Cards for Architects

Don't you hate it when you make the mistake you should never make?

Corporate Holiday Greeting Cards and Small Business Marketing 2011


Holy moly – it’s 2011!

We do have to apologize for being out of the picture for a few weeks, blog-wise, but to be perfectly honest – the fur flies around here for the last 2 months of the year. Every single one of us pitches in wherever needed to make sure that your custom, personalized holiday greeting card designs from Cardphile are printed with care, quality checked, folded, strapped and shipped to you on time – so your business Holiday and Christmas cards look fantastic!
Customer service is also hugely important to us: one of the few rules at Cardphile is to respond to you quickly, and in person – whether you prefer phone or email. It doesn’t matter whether you only need a quick call or require specialized support in creating the perfect corporate holiday card, we make it a priority to keep in touch with you. Customer service at Cardphile is not just about keeping our sales promise; it’s also about making friends with you, answering all of your questions, and even tweaking your artwork or logos if that pesky designer who created it is nowhere to be found!

Our team is rested and excited to be back and kicking into gear on some great new ideas for marketing your small business in 2011; we’ll have newly designed greeting cards for architects, engineers, and all kinds of manufacturing and small business markets.

Stay tuned for more to follow on Cardphile’s print marketing and graphic design services for small and midsized business. And be on the lookout for a little competition we have coming up – you could win a chance to work with a Cardphile Greeting Card Expert to customize your 2011 holiday greeting card for free!

2011 is off to a great start, and we're excited to help you freshen up your print marketing materials so your business will shine. Tell us what you need!

Holiday Greeting Cards for Architects + Wind Turbines?

twelve west Portland resized 600

At Cardphile Greeting Cards, we have some cool stuff designed and built in our own backyard. Like this recently completed green building in Portland, designed by Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (ZGF) with lots of eco-bling!

5 Reasons to Send Real Paper Greeting Cards to Clients

Gold foil embossed Season%27s Greetings Holiday Card

1. e Cards are known virus carriers and therefore filtered by most business email servers - they don't even reach the inbox of many of your customers and vendors.

2. When was the last time you "deleted" a real greeting card you received in the mail, without even opening it?

3. Contrast: While your competition may be sending " e Greeting Cards” to express their appreciation… your traditional, personalized holiday greeting cards clearly demonstrate the greater value you place on the relationship.

4. Deeper personal connections lead to stronger business relationships – and Paper leaves a deeper emotional footprint than digital. (see the data below)

5. Cardphile’s Corporate Holiday Cards are designed and printed in the US, using only FSC certified papers and recycled content up to 100%. We also made the choice, well over 6 years ago, to source all of the power for our design & production facilities from 100% clean wind power farms in Oregon – we’ve been “green” since before it was fashionable!

The Details:
One of our long time customers, a mid sized architectural design build firm, asked us recently whether they should try sending e-Cards to their clients in place of real paper holiday greeting cards, and whether Cardphile could supply them.

So we were completely thrilled to be able to share this great article we just discovered: Paper leaves a deeper emotional footprint than digital.
It includes a link to an interesting case study by Millward Brown, a UK marketing firm, detailing their research. Guess what?  “real” printed media generates more emotion than virtual, thereby leading to more positive brand association.

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