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Cardphile Holiday Cards - A True Customer Tale

Business Holiday Cards for Architects

Richard, a Cardphile customer since 1994, called up a few days ago to order his business holiday cards for 2013, and shared a great story with us.

Architecture Christmas cards - Cardphile makes them yours!


Picky, picky, picky... That's what you architects are. But at Cardphile, we don't mind, because we are too!

And we do love designing Christmas cards for architects - after all, that's where we started way back in 1989 (with the first six cards).

Some of you say "that card is perfect just the way it is".  And we're pretty happy when that happens.

Others, and you know who you are, say "Could you move that...

Construction Christmas Cards with a Cardphile Twist

describe the image

Is this your task today?

"Shop for a construction holiday card that reflects your company's industry and culture without breaking the bank." If that's the case, we'd love to help. And we might have a few ideas to help you send a unique holiday greeting card to clients you value—without blasting through the marketing budget.

Step 1: Find a greeting card company small enough to listen to your needs, and big enough to craft top quality greetings. (Ahem, if you're reading this, you've already discovered that Cardphile greeting cards are the perfect solution to Step 1—our greeting cards never look like they came out of your office inkjet or photocopier...)

Industry specific business holiday cards for engineers!

Acoustical Engineering Hoilday Card Cardphile

What's your industry? At Cardphile, we love a challenge and the more unusual the better. One of our long time customers, Robert, is in the acoustical engineering field. While he's enjoyed sending Cardphile's engineering themed Christmas cards to his clients for years, he had been bugging us a bit to design a new holiday card specifically for his industry. And when you ask nicely, we can't resist.

The Higgs Boson Corporate Holiday Card... We Couldn't Resist.

Engineering Firm Holiday Card

But now we have a Higgs Boson Particle Dilemma.

Now that we know it exists, our designers were determined to make it visible to the rest of the world – so we told them to have a go at it. We’re not sure what those crazy astrophysicists at CERN will be up to next, but for Cardphile the next big hurdle is to determine the accent color to be used on our latest design—the new Higgs Boson holiday greeting card!

Are you a hermit? Our Business Thank You Cards Will Fix That!

Business Thank You Cards With Logo

Business thank you cards give you personal time with your customer—without the demands of face time expectations.

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to keep in touch with clients without feeling pushy. That’s where our corporate logo note cards come in. These little business thank you notes are the perfect vehicle for your handwritten note of appreciation—elegant, well-traveled and worldly!

OSHA Compliant Construction Holiday Cards!

Construction Christmas Card I Beam Happy

At Cardphile, we're big enough to get the job done right, but not so big we can't listen and respond quickly to your feedback. Read our latest tale from the business holiday card front lines:

AEC Marketing with SMPS, Build Business and Cardphile

SMPS Build Business Conference AEC Marketing

Simply put, the annual SMPS Build Business Conference is a must for today’s AEC marketing professional—and it’s not too late to register to attend this year’s SMPS conference in Chicago, August 24 to 26, 2011.

How to Keep in Touch with Clients | Part Three

Business Thank You Cards

You've been asking, so we did the research: How to write a professional business thank you card. We'll tell you what to include, what to avoid, and then go on to the specifics of salutations and closings.

How to Keep in Touch with Clients | Part Two

custom corporate note cards

It's time to make business personal again - learn what one of our engineering customers discovered about nurturing relationships during a long term project:
Proper care of your customer doesn’t end when you get the contract—it’s almost more important to nurture your business relationship during the project than it is upon completion, especially in the case of long term and complex collaborations. We all know that you usually get more of what you reward, so be sure to recognize and “reward” client behavior.
One of our larger engineering customers kept re-ordering a custom engineering thank you card we had designed for them using their logo, and they were ordering to the tune of about 100 of them each month! Needless to say, that’s a few more than most firms usually order and we were curious. It turns out that they were using these mighty little business note cards to thank (“reward”) client team members at all levels for their timely follow up to questions, meetings, and requests for information.

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